We at ESTHER Educity believe that against a period of prolonged global economic uncertainty and wasted human potential, the traditional routes to learning, employment and career progression need to be challenged. The foundation of ESTHER was laid on the pillars of trust, quality, commitment and results. We strive every day to facilitate a skilled and functioning economy by inventing and developing skills suitable to achieve the success we aim for in the near future. We primarily focus on skill and professional development projects by developing platforms for Skill Acquisition, Skill Enhancement, Professional Skills, Soft skills, Leadership management and numerous other skills providing result-oriented training to holistically revolutionize individuals, organizations and countries. We identify critical skill groups, develop models for skill development and also attract potential private players and provide support to these efforts. We range from creating development projects in schools, colleges to multinational companies and governments. We engage directly with policy makers and regulators to represent the best interest of the schools, colleges, companies and governmental establishments.

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